Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips
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2018 Presentations

  • 30nov18: *NEW* Science to Business [pdf|vid] @CRNS Seminar, Uo.Plymouth
  • 17may18: Different [pdf|vid] @UKDF Uo.Manchester
  • 9mar18: Being In-The-Room [pdf|vid] @CRNS Seminar, Uo.Plymouth
  • 12feb18: Staying In-The-Room [pdf|vid] @EEE&CS Seminar, Uo.Liverpool 

2017 Presentations

  • 1nov17: Not Making Atoms any Smaller [pdf|vid] @Inst.Of Physics, London.
  • 31aug17: HowTo grown an ARM [pdf|vid] @ECRW'17, Uo.Cambridge
  • 17aug17: Interview [video] @ARM-ECS Research Center, Uo.Southampton 
  • 29jun17: Robotics, Artificial Intel. & Society [pdf|vid] @CRNS Uo.Plymouth
  • "ARM Milestones" ...
  • "Not Making Smaller Atoms" ...
    • 23feb17: [pdf|vid] (2v1) @EEE&CS Seminar, Uo.Liverpool 
    • 15feb17: [pdf|vid] (1v0) @PDPS, Uo.Portsmouth 

2016 Presentations

  • "Taken by the Horns" ...
    • 16dec16: @CRNS, UoPlymouth [pdf|vid
    • 23nov16: Retirement Talk @ARM, Cambridge [pdf|vid]
      (My beautiful Dartmoor 1, 2)
  • "Carving the Perfect Engineer" ...
  • 27apr16: Computing for CPS in 2025 [pdf|vid]. Workshop Cont'n. @Brussels.
  • 11feb16: Being a Design Engineer [pdf|vid]. EE&CS Seminar, @Uo.Liverpool

2015 Presentations

  • 19nov15: ESCO Economic Update [pdf|vid|xls]. NMI Summit @London
  • 5nov15: Stronger than its Weakest Link [pdf|vid]. Keynote HIS'15 @Bristol
  • 8aug15: UK Electronic Systems COmmunity 2-Year Update [pdf|vid|xls]
       - 10aug15: ESCO press releases One and Two
       - 28jul15: New Electronics articles One and Two
  • 1jun15: Skills req'd by Non-Mfr KET Business [pdf|vid]. eSkills @Brussels
  • 20mar15: The Exploitation of Science [pdf|vid]. UKDF @Uo.Manchester
  • "Most Complex Machines Ever" ... 
  • 9jan15: ARM Overview [pdf]. IPES-Day @Uo.Cambridge

2014 Presentations

  • 27jun14: A Capability Model [pdf|vid|fly], MMEP W'shp, Uo.Cambridge.
  • 25jun14: ES Engineering & Education [pdf|vid], ALaRI W'shp, Lugano, CH.
  • 21may14: Capabilities: The Bridge Between R-&-D [pdf|vid|fly]. Windsor, UK (vid +200 views)
  • 15may14: Where Did the Errors Go? [pdf|vid]. EDCC14, Keynote Newcastle.
  • 5may14: Educating Professionals for Europe's ES Businesses [pdf|vid]. ELG Skills W'shp, EC. Brussels
  • 12mar14: The UK's Electronic Systems Community [pdf|vid]. London.
  • 25feb14: Computing Platforms for the 21C [pdf|vid]. Seminar, Uo.Liverpool.